June 12, 2024

Russia-Ukraine War Zelensky Gives Strongest Confirmation Yet That Counteroffensive Has Begun

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The United States and Russia have indicated for days that Kyiv has started a major push to take back territory, but Kyiv has been mostly tight-lipped about its plans, aiming to keep Moscow guessing.

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • Ukrainian forces go on the attack near Bakhmut, the military says.

  • With water scarce, engineers shut down the last reactor still producing power at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

  • Trudeau visits Kyiv and promises more military aid.

  • Southern Ukraine, reeling from floods, faces twin crises of war and humanitarian catastrophe.

  • The dam’s destruction leaves extensive swaths of Ukrainian farmland hurting for water.

  • Ukrainian drones strike cities across the Russian border, governors say.

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